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I would like to give everyone an opportunity to get a reading from me, therefore I am now offering remote palm/mediumship readings.
With a scan/photo of both of your hands, I will be able to read your palms, this we do over either Skype, Whatsapp or a phone call.

You can either use a scanner to scan you hands or use your mobile phone and take a photo, make sure there is plenty of light on your palm, so I can see the lines 🙂

Price for a remote reading is $80 for 45 minutes reading.

You will then be invoiced to your email and once payment is received, we will arrange a time to chat using either skype, whatsapp or a phonecall.

It is important that you remember to upload the scans of both your left and right hand.

Filetypes supported: PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG

Left Hand (required) :

Right Hand (required) :