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Welcome to my new adventure….

Exciting times with new beginnings as I start on my biggest passion with doing Palm readings full time. I have already done lots of Palm readings at festivals, fairs, expos and markets.

Each hand is different and the reading that you get is for you personally as it is what is on YOUR hand I look at. Every reading gives me a possibility to be able to show each person where on their hand, they can see an event in their life that has had an impact in their life.

The types of readings I offer is:

  • Personal readings (fairs, festivals, expos, markets)
  • Personal readings (from my home in Blacktown, NSW)
  • Remote readings
  • Palm reading parties

If you are interested or have any enquiries in regards to readings or would like to make a booking, please contact me.

Please feel free to stalk my Facebook page by clicking the icon on the bottom of the page.